Thank you so much to all who have supported Meeting House School over the years!

In order to make room for a new public Pre-K in Marlboro, the school is now closed. Please contact Wayne Kermenski for information about the new public Early Learning Program at Marlboro Elementary School (802-254-8768). The program is open to students from both within and outside of the town of Marlboro.


Meeting House School is a small, play-based and nature-based preschool program in Marlboro, Vermont. Since we opened as a non-profit in 1973, hundreds of children have passed through our doors and although times, staff and families have changed, our philosophy remains the same: to ensure the program is affordable and inclusive for all families; to offer a play-based, nature-based, age-appropriate curriculum that will prepare children for Kindergarten; and to give our students the social skills that will enable them to live, work and play together in cooperation and harmony.



Housed in the the first floor of the historic Meeting House in Marlboro’s town center, our curriculum is guided by the belief that children can unfold best in an atmosphere that is unhurried, trusting and loving. Our goal is to help children learn to be active, curious and confident in the world around them. The classroom at Meeting House School extends into the woods and meadows outside our back door, where we spend time exploring and celebrating the natural world and seasons.


Alphabet letter and sound recognition are developed through songs, stories, poems, puppetry, modeling and drawing.  Math concepts are experienced in songs, games, manipulatives, and everyday classroom activities. Scientific concepts are introduced through sensory experience and direct contact with the great outdoors. Planting a garden, watching leaves change color, sledding in the snow, collecting spring daffodils, picking apples, tapping maple trees, and feeling and hearing the wind—we believe these are the best ways to let wonder, curiosity, love and respect of the natural world develop.


Food is one of the best ways we have to direct the health, behavior and eating habits of our young children. Accordingly, each day the children at Meeting House School share in the preparation of an organic and healthy snack and hot lunch.  Seasonal activities includes apple picking to make apple sauce and other apple treats, and tapping maples and boiling the sap for our school syrup. Year round the children grind grain to make our own bread. A celebratory and community-oriented meal time is enjoyed twice a day. Our school has been applauded by the state for the way the children at Meeting House School devour their beets, carrots and kale!



We celebrate the seasons at Meeting House School with various activities and festivals. In the late fall we have a lantern walk, in mid-winter we have a spiral walk, and in spring we celebrate and sing songs around a May pole. We invite the families of our students to come celebrate these joyful and wonder-filled festivals with us.


Teaching the importance of community is a big part of our education at Meeting House School. Our school community includes our children, their families and the larger community around us. We bring cookies to our neighbors at the post office and town offices, visit neighboring farms and sugar houses, and create opportunities for the families of MHS to get to know and support one another.  We offer a Friday morning playgroup throughout the year, and offer parent nights, potlucks and fun fundraising opportunities for students and families.


We follow Vermont’s early learning standards and are a state-licensed preschool for 3-5 year olds. We are also a 4-star program through the Vermont’s STARS program, which you can read more about here.

Thank you for visiting our site. We look forward to meeting you and your children!


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