An essential part of our mission at Meeting House School is to make our program affordable for all families. We offer scholarships, work in partnership with Windham Childcare to provide subsidies to working families, qualify for Act 166 tuition rebates, and are dedicated to keeping our tuition low so that all children can attend. Our tuition rates for the 2016-2017 school year are:

Full Tuition, Non-Collaborative MONTHLY TUITION, Mon-Thurs 8:30-12:30             

Four Days/Week            $510

Three Days/Week          $430

Tuition with Act 166/COLLABORATIVE REDUCTION: (If your child will be 3 before September 1st, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS REDUCTION, regardless of your town of residence. See details below.) 

Four Days/Week           $166.44

Three Days/Week         $86.44

Aftercare tuition is in addition to these rates. Please contact our director for aftercare rate details. 


Children in Vermont who are 3 years old before September 1st are eligible for collaborative ( Act 166) funding. This is state-mandated and town-funded support for families to pay for early education.  If you live in Marlboro, Brattleboro, Guilford, Vernon, Halifax, Wilmington, or any other surrounding town, and your child will turn 3 before September 1sT, you are eligible for this reduced tuition. Please contact our director, Patti Donnelly, or your town’s public school, to find out how to receive these funds.


We are dedicated to making the Meeting House School affordable for all families. State subsidies, work scholarships and financial assistance are available.


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